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Mouth Rinse Protects Teeth From Decay And Removes Tarnish.

Mouthwash should also be used when cleaning teeth. The preparation helps maintain proper pH in the oral cavity and effectively removes deposits on the teeth. The lotion also protects your teeth against caries, gum disease, and whitens the enamel.

Mouthwash – What To Choose?

There are many types of oral fluids on the market . Before buying it, it is worth consulting a dentist , specifying for whom it will be intended, whether for an adult or for a child or for people with, for example, oral mucositis or those wearing an orthodontic appliance. The preparations differ not only in composition but also in smell and taste .

Whitening Liquid

Whitening fluid removes filming, discoloration on the teeth and allows you to maintain a lighter color of the enamel. It is recommended for people with darker teeth.

Antibacterial Liquid

Antimicrobial fluid supports the treatment of inflammation and tooth decay. Prevents bleeding of the gums and refreshes the breath. It is recommended for people having a problem with dental caries.

Breath Freshener

Breath-refreshing liquid helps to remove unpleasant odors from the mouth . It contains essential oils and plant extracts. It should be used by people who have bad breath.

Liquid For Dry Mouth

Liquid for dry mouth protects it against damage, caries, which may be the result of a shortage of saliva. It soothes irritation, pain, and burning of the mouth. People who have a dry mouth should not use alcohol rinse.

Liquid For Sensitive Teeth

Fluid for hypersensitivity of the teeth protects the exposed part of the teeth against decay and bacteria. It also removes the unpleasant smell from the mouth. People with hypersensitive teeth, such as acid, cold or hot food, recommend this type of liquid.

Mouthwash – How To Use?

Oral fluid should be used as many times a day as the dentist will recommend. You can use rinses before brushing your teeth, after brushing and during washing . When brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste, it is advisable to rinse the mouth with non-fluoride-containing fluid. Otherwise, this component may overdose. It is important to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds, no longer and not shorter.

Pain And Fever Accompany Oral Inflammation In Children

If the child has painful ulcers or blisters around the mouth and in the mouth, it means inflammation. In addition to wounds and mucous membranes visible to the naked eye, oral inflammation in children results in fever, pain, or hypersensitivity to all foreign bodies, including food.

Red Spots On The Mucosa – Exudative Stomatitis

Viruses that enter the child’s mouth, e.g., by inserting unwashed handpieces into the mouth , can cause so-called dirty hands disease. Some of its symptoms appear a few days before the red, sometimes even bleeding spots visible on the mucous membrane. The child has a fever, is fidgety, sleeps badly, and reluctantly accepts food – this is how the exudative stomatitis in children begins. Severe damage to the surface inside the mouth is accompanied by a sore throat and a very unpleasant smell from the mouth. The food is especially troublesome – both warm and cold because it irritates the wounds and causes pain. Red or bleeding spots during the “dirty hand disease” can also occur on other parts of the child’s body – face, arms, toes, and even on the buttocks and feet.

Inflammation Of The Mouth As A Result Of Herpes Virus Activity

The herpes virus causes painful and itchy blisters and erosions inside the mouth when it attacks for the first time. Each time he lets you know about his presence in the body, vesicles and eros appear only on the lips. Oral stomatitis in children due to cold sores is also manifested by high fever and unpleasant odor from the mouth. It is also noticeable that the baby drools very much and does not want to eat or drink – all food and liquids irritate the mucous wounds. The symptom of herpetic stomatitis in children is also a pain in the cervical lymph nodes.

Yeasts Cause Thrush

Inflammation of the oral cavity in children caused by yeasts, i.e., fungi, is manifested by a white coating in the form of lumps challenging to remove. If treatment is not taken promptly, the clots will turn into a thick layer of white secretions that lines the mouth. Children in the first week after childbirth or in the first months of life usually fall for this disease. In the first case, fungi escape from the mother’s body during the release of the child to the world, in the second – as a result of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene by parents or in the states of reduced immunity of the toddler. Thrush can be recognized by the fact that during attempts to clash them with a swab reveals small erosion , which sometimes even bleeds.

Decays As A Result Of Mucosal Injuries

Although erosions that sometimes appear spontaneously, they are more often the result of minor mucosal injuries and reduced immunity as well as poor hygiene. They are similar to thrush but more painful – erosions are more profound and have a larger surface area than when they are infected with fungi. The similarity consists in the fact that after – or mucosal ulcers – is also accompanied by a white coating. Irritations are very painful; they do not allow you to take solid foods or warm or acidic liquids. Similarly, as during oral inflammation in children as a result of primary herpes infection – cervical lymph nodes can hurt and be enlarged.